Each One Teach One

Changing Lives Since 2004

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable functionally illiterate, out-of-school teens and adults to reach their educational and personal goals and to strengthen those who are economically and socially disadvantaged.
Each One Teach One literacy program
Each One Teach One literacy program
Each One Teach One literacy program

Our Story

How We Got Started

Each One Teach One was born out of an interaction in a location church with an older gentleman who needed help filling out his tax form. During the next several weeks an increasing number of people came by for assistance. It quickly became apparent there was a need beyond simple tax preparation. So, we began to address the learning needs of local citizens and support their transitions into work, further learning, parenthood, or from prison, addiction or homelessness.

In the years since, Each One Teach One San Antonio was formed into a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, opened up numerous sites throughout San Antonio, and has served over 500 citizens in our community.

Our name, Each One Teach One, comes from a Kwanzaa tradition observing that it takes an entire community to educate and strengthen each member. Today, Each One Teach One SA is continuing this powerful practice, teaching each learner step-by-step, one lesson at a time.

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